a new friend!!!!

cw: medical stuff

i got a new friend today! it’s a little heart rate monitor stuck to my chest that monitors my heart for 7 days! every time i feel my heart do a weird thing i have to press the button on it and then write down some notes about what happened! neat!

also i’ve got a fun stress test scheduled for next week, and i’m measuring my blood pressure for 6 weeks. i’ve got weird mystery arrythmia stuff and blood pressure stuff going on that we learned about when i tried to start HRT a month-ish ago. so now i’ve got no HRT and lots of cardiology tests.

i promise i exist!

cw: discussion of trans stuff and health
as i think i explained it to my boss, physical health issues + mental/emotional health issues + the world sucks to be trans in right now = hahahahahah i’m not doing the best.

around a month ago ish, i got my cool new tattoo of some plants, and then had an appointment at howard brown to start HRT. we wound up learning that i have a mystery heart condition and they recommended i not start T yet. so not only am i in Big Dysphoria Zone but also i have a weird heart problem to worry about! i’ve got a cardiology appointment set for next week, but it feels like T is just never going to happen, so that’s cool.

on the plus side, dee and i (with the help of a lot of friends) got our house rearranged and we’re sitting at like 85% complete. i got a new PSU for my gaming rig, just in time to end up working from home for weeks in a row because my anxiety and depression have been so bad.

BUT tomorrow i’m going on an amtrak trip to detroit to speak at a conference, so that should be nice. hopefully i can keep myself together and not dissociate the entire time!

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