I did it! I set up a private calibre server for my ebooks on my digital ocean droplet. I had to do lots of fucking with my server and ports and all that jazz, and boy howdy have I really learned a lot and become more comfortable working directly on the server.

But also, why did I do this? Like, my idea was to make a little free digital library for friends to easily grab books and junk, but I also I wanna keep it behind a password, so that adds some hassle and like. Managing the metadata for the books on the server currently sucks! And I haven’t worked out the kinks yet in auto-adding books to the library when I add the files to a designated folder in my Nextcloud!

But also, even if this ends up going nowhere because it’s not a good solution for also a problem that doesn’t exist, I’m still really proud! I learned a lot! And that’s neat.

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