reading in a single sitting

I’m going through and entering all of my most recently purchased/organized books to my libib library as a way to motivate me to read more of them. I very much favor buying books that fit into one of these categories:

  • poety
  • zines
  • short story collections
  • graphic novels
  • short non-fiction

I’ve come to accept that I really prefer reading books in a single sitting, and I’m realizing that I always have? Like, even when I’m knee-deep in a novel, I just read it ravenously instead of doing anything else. I enjoy novels and longer books, but really I prefer to pick something I can read entirely and be done with.

It’s not that I have a short attention span for books, and maybe it’s the opposite? I read very quickly, and have been reading books in a single sitting since I was a kid and it was cute to read all of a new Harry Potter book marathon-style, barely getting up. Maybe I should write a post sometime about my recent favorite single-sitting books. I feel like I’m slightly cheating at my “read 52 books in one year” challenge by only reading shorter things, but #YOLO. I’m at 50 so far, and I have a ton more time to go.

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