yes, I’m doing my therapy homework as a blog post

cw: mental health, disordered eating mention

My homework from my therapy session last week (which is due tomorrow, whoops) is to create a list of the five things I’d like to focus on in therapy going forward. I’ve been seeing my therapist every week for almost three years, and we’re doing a checkpoint. When he assigned this to me last week, I told him I suspected that the things I actually need to work on are the things I don’t think are important, so let’s see how thsi list goes. 🙃

  1. Believing that I’m good at things without receiving external validation.
  2. Determining what habits and activities keep my mental health good and how to keep doing them. Conversely, determining what actually hurts my mental health and avoiding it.
  3. Weakening my trauma responses to certain stimuli.
  4. Any kind of noticable breakthrough in my disordered eating. Knowing why I’m like this hasn’t helped. Let’s figure out a measurable goal.
  5. Being able to accurately detect and label emotions like happiness, contentment, and calm; instead of jumping to labeling how I feel as anxious, depressed, or sad.

Idk if that’s the final order, but those are my five.

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