a little webring

so i was talking with friends, and we decided that obviously the next excellent web 1.0 thing to add to all of our microblogs is a webring. initially, i was debating writing my own code, then decided to do some research and find how they were originally created.

for an excellent time, read these webring specifications that include such gems as, “Manifesting itself in countless ways in the physical universe around us, the circle is one of the most elegant forms in existence. It is natural that this elementary structure would play a significant role in the cultivation of the Web.”

good shit, absolutely amazing. 👌

in the end, i searched around on github and found this amazingly simple code for hosting your own webring. setting this entire thing up took about 15 minutes, and now there’s some cute webring code in the footer of my microblog that links to my friends’ sites!

currently watching: a series of WIRED videos in which professionals break down movie and TV scenes involving their profession

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